bug shots

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

if we are Facebook friends, you may have seen these pics already. monsieur signed me up for a photo competition. insects. very much [not] up my alley. I just don’t have the patience for creepy crawlies. but since he had four weeks in Corsica to pester me with stuff like look, an ant! or is that a spider in the toilet bowl? I ended up taking a few pictures just to keep the peace. he may have ended up taking more bug shots than me – the fighting over MY camera was glorious – but mine were better than his. are better. there, take that! now the submission deadline is coming closer and I have a hard time choosing the two pictures I’m allowed to send in. we both think the dragon fly might be most appealing/easy on the eye, but I also like the bee and in particular the water bug shots, the latter of which monsieur is not so sure about. so I thought I ask for feedback here. I’m leaning towards #3 and #8, but #9 and #10 are getting good reviews on FB too. what do you think? any input is much appreciated!