this & that

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

without much ado, I’m back. missed you guys…

cooking – inspired by a recent trip to Asia with a lot of spice
drinking – too much coffee some might say, to which I would respond who cares?
eating – no more sweets
enjoying – the most beautiful yellow tulips brightening up my desk
feeling – content
grateful for – too much to name it here without boring you to death
hoping – for this to continue
knowing – that this too shall pass
laughing – at monsieur’s obsession with his new motorbike and what the helmet does to his beard :)
listening toWaldeck – The Night Garden & Belleruche – Turntable Soul Music, both albums not new, both rather old in fact, but again, who cares? we’re not cutting edge here, are we?
looking forward to – spending more quality time with friends
loving – my new Spotify subscription, I finally gave in and started paying for their premium membership, and it’s definitely and most absolutely worth it, even though I would appreciate it if their pricing was a bit more consistent across different countries
needing – more outdoor/nature time
noticing – the first signs of spring, no wonder after this non-existent winter
reading – very selectively these days… the news and all their fear mongering are really getting to me, and journalists are quickly becoming my most despised people, worse than politicians
travelling – around the world in a new reading project, more about this later
watching – YouTube videos of komodo dragons with les enfants, which is a vast improvement over Chica Vampiro, their other current favourite show and the stupidest thing ever unleashed on defenceless parents and their unwilling partners
wearing – too many hats
working – on and for a bunch of fun reading and writing related events, of which I want more of, please. do you hear me, universe? pretty please with lots of sugar on top!