this & that

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

eating – dried figs, love the crunchy sound they make
enjoying – a very late birthday gift
feeling – torn
finishing – setting up my Etsy [printable art] store, the one I opened this summer [remember?], to promptly let it sit idle for months... there may [or may not] be a proper post about it [the philosophy… other than making money, of course] in the near [or not so near] future, but in the meantime feel free [and I’d appreciate it a lot] to have a look, share, pin, post, tweet [if you like, and not too much], and [above all] click around wildly… I’m still trying to break into / figure out Etsy’s algorithm, which is confusing apparently based on relevancy more than anything, therefore any traffic, internal views, likes, favorites etc. are helpful… link here or at the top [↑] of where it says print shop
grateful for – amazing friends who take me the way I am, impossible to get hold of on the phone, obsessive and all
hoping – for the year to end more upbeat than it started
laughing – while watching monsieur watch 70s French comedies which, needless to say, themselves are rather stupid
learning – French… and Duolingo is a surprisingly useful app for that, works for all kinds of languages and all sorts of native language speakers, you do not have to be an English speaker to begin with
listening toNOVEMBER RAIN, my latest Spotify playlist, a bit eclectic, which turns out to be just right for this more than messy month
looking forward to – my non-Christmas dinner, which I will have to prepare on a two cooker stove top and without an oven… any menu ideas or suggestions are therefore very welcome
loving – my very, very late birthday gift
maintaining – peace of mind, barely…
managing – an increasingly busy schedule…
mastering – the art of embracing fall and winter… overdosing on vitamin D, turning up the heat and refusing to look outside the window seem to do the trick
playing Brain Dots, a brilliant [and smart] little game app, requires a touchscreen and stylus [or very nimble fingers]
reading The Silver Linings Playbook, by Matthew Quick – as so often these days, and despite the movie being such a big thing, I had absolutely no idea what the book was about. I still don’t know what the big twist at the end will be. I guess I’ll find out. it’s an enjoyable enough read even though at times a bit too simplistic for my taste…
thinking about – moving to Canada [not seriously tho…]
trying – to heed these words… do not expect to receive something from someone who doesn’t have what you want
waiting – for my Pupil of Cambridge genuine leather tablet [go figure what brand] case to arrive… I’m not one for promoting stuff online [hence no link, you gotta give me one for free to include one], but the fact that it’s very affordable [under 20£] and made of real leather and therefore possibly/maybe durable and somewhat sustainable has me hoping
wanting – nothing
watching – nothing
wearing nothing too much
and last but not leastpeople will find a million reasons to tear your work down [BrenĂ© Brown on courage]; what if I never get married [just ignore the Google reference]; don’t worry, everybody else is crazy too [amen!] and coping skills for children of narcissist parents [which I genuinely hope you don’t have reason to read]